Tidelands Trust Fund

Tidelands and Liaison Office Grant Management Coordinator: Sonja Slater

Accepting Tidelands applications starting May 31, 2019.

What is the Tidelands Trust Fund?

The Tidelands Trust Fund, which is comprised of funds derived from the lease of tidelands and submerged lands, is administered by the Department of Marine Resources as mandated by the state law. The guidelines for administering these funds, as stated in Title 29, Section 15, of the Mississippi Code of 1972, are as follows:

"Any funds derived from lease rentals of tidelands and submerged lands, except those funds derived from mineral leases, or funds previously specifically designated to be applied to other agencies, shall be transferred to the special fund. However, funds derived from lease rentals may be used to cover the administrative cost incurred by the Secretary of State. Any remaining funds derived from lease rentals shall be disbursed pro rata to the local taxing authorities for the replacement of lost ad Val orem taxes, if any. Then, any remaining funds shall be disbursed to the commission for new and extra programs of tidelands management, such as conservation, reclamation, preservation, acquisition, education, or the enhancement of public access to the public trust tidelands or public improvement projects as they relate to those lands."

What are Tidelands?

Those lands which are daily covered and uncovered by water by the action of the tides, up to the mean line of the ordinary high tides.

For further information regarding Tidelands Leases, boundary distinctions, and more please visit the Secretary of State's website at http://sos.ms.gov.

For an inventory of public access sites in the three Mississippi coastal counties click here.

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 General Tidelands Forms

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2. Progress Report TTF-4

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7. Project Selection Criteria
    Managed Projects

8. Project Selection Criteria
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9. Amended Application

10. Blank Tidelands Application

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