February 20, 2009: Hypoxia Seminar

Hypoxia SeminarHypoxia Seminar
February 20, 2009

Keynote speaker Dr. Stephan Howden, University of Southern Mississippi Department of Marine Science (USM/DMS) associate professor at Stennis Space Center, shared an overview on the dynamics of hypoxic occurrences.

Additional talks included:
  • "Hypoxia & Geological Oceanography" - Dr. Charlotte Brunner, USM/DMS Stennis Space Center
  • "Hypoxia & Biochemical Oceanography" - Dr. Kevin Dillon, USM/DMS Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
  • "Hypoxia & Biological Oceanography" - Dr. Kjell Gundersen, USM/DSM Stennis Space Center
  • "Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality's (MDEQ) Role Addressing Hypoxia" - Richard Ingram, MDEQ
  • "Fisheries: Hypoxia Aspects" - Buck Buchanan, DMR Finfish Bureau

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