Mississippi GEMS

Bayou Portage Preserve

  1. Bayou PortageSite Information Point(s) of Contact: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Coastal Preserves Program
  2. Geographic Information:
    1. Narrative Description of the Site: The primary boundary of this 1,137-acre preserve follows the edge of this estuarine marsh located along Bayou Portage. The marsh is dominated by needle rush (Juncus roemerianus) with a mixture of duck-potato (Sagittaria latifolia) and big cordgrass (Spartina cynosuroides). A narrow (1-2 m) fringe of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) occurs along the edges of the creeks. This area of marsh is similar to all of those along the margins of St. Louis Bay, including those along the NE and NW shores and the lower reaches of the Jourdan River. A low marsh fringe of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) occurs along the creeks. A relatively wide band of high marsh can be found along the upland border and consist of a mixture of salt-meadow grass (Spartina patens), gulf cordgrass (Spartina spartinae)and short needle rush (Juncus roemerianus). The gulf cordgrass (Spartina spartinae) occurs as nearly pure stands (70 % +) in places mixed with Juncus.
    2. Date When Information Last Updated: March, 1998
    3. Location: Harrison County
    4. Area of Influence: Pine/oak uplands
  3. Ecological/Cultural Characteristics
    1. Habitat type: This is an estuarine marsh that is expected or known to include the following ecological communities: estuarine subtidal 1) muddy sand embayment 2) small tidal creek; estuarine intertidal 1) mesohaline marsh 2) oligohaline marsh.
  4. Current and Potential Use of the Site
    1. Recreational Use: Boaters and anglers use the area on occasional and seasonal basis for waterfowl hunting (sparingly) and fishing.
  5. Management Status
    1. Land Ownership: Lands adjacent to this Coastal Preserve are either privately, locally, state or federally owned or administered.
    2. Existing Designations: Mississippi Coastal Preserve
    3. Management Status: Managed by the Department of Marine Resources Coastal Preserves Program
    4. Acquisition Potential: Currently active.
    5. Management Needs: The State will manage the area as a coastal preserve. The DMR will have direct responsibility. Much of the property considered tidal wetlands, already owned by the State.
  6. Site Viability
    1. Threats to Ecological Integrity: There is a residential area to the east with open septic systems.
  7. Comments and/or Additional Information on Bayou Portage Preserve: email the Coastal Preserves Manager.

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