Coastal Preserves

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Coastal Preserves Program was developed in 1992 by authority of the Wetlands Protection Act. The Coastal Preserves Program’s objective is to acquire, protect and manage sensitive coastal wetlands habitats along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, therefore ensuring the ecological health of Mississippi's coastal wetlands ecosystems. As part of the development of the CPP, 72,000 acres of tidal marsh, tidally influenced marsh and wetlands were designated as “crucial coastal wetlands habitat” within 20 unique Coastal Preserve sites. The state currently holds title to about 40,000 acres of this crucial coastal wetland habitat. The DMR partners with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office, which acquires the properties, and MDMR manages the lands for the state. A description of the 20 designated Coastal Preserves can be found below. The CPP also manages five trail systems within several Coastal Preserves sites: Indian Point trails in Gautier, Deer Island trails in Biloxi, Ansley Birding Trail in Hancock County, Bell’s Ferry Nature Trail off the Wolf River in Pass Christian; and 12 Oaks Trail in Ocean Springs, which is managed jointly with the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain. 

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Mississippi's Coastal Preserve Sites

Coastal Preserves Trails Map

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